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Wireless design solutions from concept through production

AOM provides design services, technology development, and manufacturing for all types of wireless applications, ranging from the most demanding Military project to high volume consumer electronics. We can develop new technology or apply our extensive technology library to leading edge applications such as:

Precision RF instrumentation
Security systems
Long range communication networks
Satellite Radio
Wireless Networks
Military electronics
Repeaters, Base stations
Wireless Audio and Video

Engineering Capabilities, General

PCB Layout
High Speed Logic
High density FPGAs
Digital ASICS
Spice Modeling
UL and FCC approval
Visual C++
Optical Electronics
EMI / EMC Testing
Analog, Mixed ASICS
Visual Basic
Power Systems
Digital Simulation
Temperature Testing
Discrete Design

Engineering Capabilities, Microwave / RF

Imbedded VCO Design
Noise Fig. Optimization
Circulators / Isolators
Transceiver Design
Phase Noise Measurement
Moment Method Analysis
Synthesis - C++
Digital Modulators
Microstrip Design
Synthesizer Design
Hybrid Coupler Design
Diversity Antennas
RF PCB layout
FCC Qualification
LNA Design
Microwave Filter Design
Mixer Design
Printed Elements
Phase Noise Optimization
IF Amplifier Design
Digital Demodulation

Our Support Commitment:

We provide clear concise documentation. In addition, we offer on-site technology steering and full manufacturing support through our partner, Circle Prime Manufacturing. Full-featured manufacturing services include stocking, distribution and RMA support.

Satisfied Customers:

U.S. Department of the Navy
Ford Motor Company
Daimler Chrysler
Andrew Corporation

Reference designs and Utilities

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